The Spongebob Squarepants Movie: Burger King Kid's Meal
12 Groovy Movie Toys
Vital statistics
Participants Burger King's Past Toys
Date October/November/December 2004
Location United States

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is promoted the movie in Theaters which offers 12 toys which are founded in October/November/December 2004.

Toys Edit

  1. Spongebob the Puzzle Twist Cube
  2. Patrick's Patty Wagon Ride
  3. Spongebob Squeakpants
  4. Wobbling-Eye Plankton
  5. Karate Chop Sandy
  6. Walkin' Plankton
  7. Spongebob's Super Secret Float
  8. Squidward's Fired Slot
  9. Gary's Soft Shell
  10. Talk and Go Spongebob Chatterbox Phone
  11. Parick's Slip Flip
  12. Spongebob's Rolling Eyes

Directions of the Toys Edit

  • Spongebob the Puzzle Twist Cube

Flip Spongebob's Face together in a Puzzle Cube as you keep twisting any parts around.

  • Patrick's Patty Wagon Ride

Turn the On/Off switch on and watch the pickle wheels roll fast. Settle Patrick and his Patty Wagon and watch him drive.

  • Spongebob Squeakpants

Shake Spongebob up and down and watch him laugh and giggle look so. Look inside Spongebob's Joke book and think about jokes in the book.

  • Wobbling-Eye Plankton

Settle Plankton on your table and watched his wobbling eye ball whirls and twirls.

  • Karate Chop Sandy

Hold Sandy by her feet and press down on her helmet, and watch her karate gloves do some karate action like crazy.

  • Walkin' Plankton

Wind-Up the side of Plankton's head clockwise and set him down and watch his feet scampering along. Then you can turn Neptune's crown in his hand all the way around like so to change which any direction.

  • Spongebob's Super Secret Float

Press the buttons and watch spongebob dancing in the water inside his water tank.

  • Squidward's Fired Slot

Place the Wall and the window on the back of Squidward's cash register boat and place the krabby patty discs in the slot of the front of Squidward's boat and pull Squidward back and watch the Krabby patties shoot out.

  • Gary's Soft Shell

Pull Gary back and let him go and takeoff and you squish his plush shell.

  • Talk and Go Spongebob Chatterbox Phone

Remove the Battery tab on the back of the Spongebob chatterbox, Press the record button and release your voice into Spongebob's mouth and press the play button and hear your voice.

  • Patrick's Slip Flip

Place the purple rid cord on each sid of Patrick's belly and pull the rid cord out and let Patrick spin with his bucket in his foot.

  • Spongebob's Rolling Eyes

Press the Button on the back of Spongebob and watch his eyes changes into blue eyes and hearts.