Open Season is promote the Movie in theaters released August 3 to October 4, 2006 By Burger King franchise.

Open Season (2006)
Burger King Kid's Meal Movie


August/September 2006


The Movie coming in the theaters

Each Meal

Burger King Kid's Meal

Past Toys

Eight Toys in Every Kid's Meal by Fisher~Price
Little Tikes

Toys Edit

  1. Dance Around Boog
  2. Skittering Elliot
  3. Scamperin' MqSquizzy
  4. Boog and Elliot's Chatterbox Radio
  5. Elliot's Mask Antlers
  6. Calling Fowl
  7. Chain Shaw Chompin' Riley
  8. Boog and Elliot's Light Up Stickers

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