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Mattel Games Toys were formerly being sold at the Burger King. There are 6 Toys in total.


Magic 8 BallEdit

The Magic 8 Ball holds the answers to all your questions. Just ask a question, then push the "8" button to spin the drum wheel--and be ready for The Truth

Rock 'em Sock 'em RobotsEdit

You'll love this cool robot! Push the button on his back to rotate arms up and down. Or touch his chin to spring the head up.

Paper Stack Pictionary ManEdit

Pick a word card. Draw the word on the die-cut paper. After the round, just tear paper for a new blank sheet. Repeat.

Pictionary Man StandEdit

An all-time favorite! Slide the sleeve on the card to choose a word. Then draw it the card to choose a word. Then draw it on the plastic Pictionary Man board--and hope that your buddies quess it! Erase the board. Repeat.

UNO CardsEdit

Remember this thrill of screaming '"UNO"? Get back to this all-time classic card game! Comes with 36 cards.

Crown UNO GoEdit

Take home these amazing circular-shaped UNO cards with a plastic container. You can open the container, click it together and lock in place to become a card tray.