This is the category page for Toys whch are made at Burger King.

Fantastic 4 - July/August 2005Edit

  1. The Thing
  2. Invisible Woman
  3. Human Torch
  4. Dr. Doom
  5. Mr. Fantastic

Robots - March/April 2005Edit

  1. Rodney Copperbottom
  2. Big Weld
  3. Fender
  4. Crank Casey
  5. Ratchet
  6. Lug
  7. Aunt Fanny
  8. Piper Pinwheeler
  9. Madame Gasket
  10. Cappy

Ice Age 2 The Meltdown - March/April/May 2006Edit

  1. Sid's Meltdown Maze Adventure
  2. Manny Mammoth Puzzle Figure
  3. Diego's Tooth Surprise
  4. The Swing Around Crash and Eddie
  5. Ellie's Exsquisite Expert
  6. Laugh 'N' Giggle Scrat
  7. Ice Break 'N' Escapin' Creataceous
  8. Fuzzy Fast Tony
  9. Magic Maelstrom
  10. Nutty Scrat

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